Our love for African hunting began with our very first safari. All three of us fell in love with the land, the people, the animals, and the entire experience. That very first experience led us to want to facilitate the same experience for others. The friendships we made and the experiences we continue to have allow us to make your dream trip a reality. It is our pleasure to make other hunters' dream trips come true. We handle all of the logsitics of the hunt so that our clients can enjoy the safari without having to worry about anything. From booking hunts, to flights, rifle transport, and transportation, we handle it all.

Chuck Bigelow

Chuck lives in Utah, and has been involved in hunting and everything to do with the outdoors his entire life.  He works for the Utah Department of Corrections and has been with them for almost 30 years.  For the last nine years he has served as the Warden at both of Utah's prisons and is currently the Warden at the Central Utah Correctional Facility.  His experience in administration and the hunting industry allows him to handle everything involved with your hunt, and make sure everything is arranged for you to have a great experience.

Barry Bigelow

Barry worked as a New Zealand police officer for 14 years. He returned to Utah with his family 10 years ago and started his own construction business. His personal approach to customer service will keep you in the loop and make certain that everything is in place for your hunt of a lifetime.

Henry Bigelow

Henry lives in Utah and has a Master's degree in Public Administration. As a young man, he served in the U.S. Navy, stationed in San Diego, CA.  His varied background, experience, and education make him perfect to stay on top of everything that goes into making your African safari a great success.




Oribi $3000.00
Black Wildebeest $1300
Warthog $500.00
Greater Kudu $2850.00
Blesbuck $500
Impala $500
Nyala $1800.00
Gemsbok/Oryx $1800
Waterbuck $1850.00
Grey Duiker $500
Caracal $800.00 (w/dogs $2800.00
Klipspringer $1800
Common Reed Buck $1500
Sable $3500.00 (over 45"/POR)
Cape Buffalo $10,500 (44"+/POR)
Zebra $1050
Tsessebe $2400
Steenbuck $500.00
Springbuck $450
Mountain Reed Buck $1500
Porcupine $300.00
Monkey (Vervet) $80
Giraffe $2400
Eland $2600
Bushpig $500 ($750 w/bait)
Black Back Jackal $100
Baboon $230
Bushbuck $1500.00
Spring Hare $50
Red Hartebeest $1250
Croc - Price upon request
Blue Wildebeest $1100
Sharpe's Grysbok $3200.00
Copper Blesbok $ POR
Genet Cat $500.00
King Widebeest  $POR
Serval Cat $1800.00
African Wild Cat $600.00
Civet $800.00
Yellow Blesbok $ POR
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Hunting will be done on large properties either owned by or accessible to our outfitters. Accommodations are top notch, and all meals are provided. Vehicles will be utilized to cover the large properties, spot game, and find tracks. Spot and stalk style hunting will be the primary tactic used, though baiting may be used for some predators.


General Hunting Info



Our outfitters are ready to accommodate archery hunters. Permanent blinds are set up on waterholes, and spot and stalk hunting is welcome if you prefer. Rates are the same as rifle hunters.






Send us your name, e-mail, and let us know what kind of hunt you are interested in. We'll get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions and begin helping you book your hunt of a lifetime!


CALL ANYTIME 385.775.3984 


Brett Anderson
Awesome hunt! I highly recommend it.
Joel Pilcher
What an experience! Cant wait to go again!
Peter Miller
The service, hunt, accommodations, food, everything were well worth it. Will be going back for more.
Trevor Farnes
What an amazing adventure 3 Brothers helped our team to have. This was actually my very first hunt and my first time leaving my family to travel this far around the world. 3 Brothers helped us through the process of getting everything ready to go and took great care of us. These are honest individuals who will help you have the hunt of a lifetime! I highly recommend them!
Fred Harris
Jeff Johnson
The trip was everything I hoped for and more!
Cody and Sherri Rhees
3 Brothers Hunting African Safaris and Sensational Hunting Safaris, Thank you for the wonderful trip you put together for us. We had the time of our lives from the second we booked with you until the last minute we left. Every aspect of the planning, lodging, and of course the hunting was well taken care of, far exceeding our expectations. Your friendly staff, the PH's, trackers, and whole guiding family have shown us the true meaning of an African Safari. This trip will never be forgotten.
Eric Sorenson
We booked a hunting safari with Three brothers African hunting safaris and went in August 2016. It was my son and I and we had absolutely a fabulous time. They helped us with all of the paperwork and legality to make it extremely easy getting over there and also transferring our guns there and back. They are really great to work with and have become great friends. I would highly encourage booking a trip with them you will be extremely impressed.
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